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Risk and Resilience

ServiceNow offers a comprehensive, market-leading suite of applications to help your organisation manage risk and resilience.

Harness the full potential of the ServiceNow risk and resilience offerings

ValueFlow expert consultants understand the critical importance of risk and resilience and can help you effectively manage this within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Leverage powerful governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) capabilities

Streamline your risk and compliance processes to ensure your organisation adheres to regulatory frameworks, industry standards and best practices, while assessing and monitoring vendor risks in an increasingly interconnected business landscape. Our advisory consultants work closely with your team to understand your unique risk profile, assess your current practices and design solutions that align with your business.

Drive sustainability initiatives and meet ESG goals

ServiceNow provides a comprehensive platform, and experienced ValueFlow consultants help you develop and implement robust sustainability strategies, measure performance, and report on key environmental and social metrics. Create defined metrics on the ServiceNow platform to effectively manage and report on your environmental footprint, social impact and corporate governance practices.
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Build operational resilience and manage business continuity

To proactively plan and prepare your organisation to respond to disruptions, ValueFlow expert consultants help align your business continuity strategies, business impact assessments and incident response plans to ServiceNow’s platform capabilities. Our implementation plan creates a robust and comprehensive system for documentation, testing and management of critical business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Why Choose ValueFlow

When you choose ValueFlow you can rely on our expertise and proven capability delivering effective solutions on the ServiceNow platform. Here’s just some of the reasons that make ValueFlow a smart choice for your organisation:
ServiceNow Expertise
As an Elite ServiceNow Partner our consultants are certified and experienced in delivering tailored solutions across many industries and domains in the Asia Pacific region.
Proven Methodologies
We follow industry best practices and use proven methodologies to ensure successful projects aligned to stated objectives and business outcomes, delivered on time and within budget.
Collaborative approach
We collaborate closely with our clients, working in partnership to best understand the specific requirements, objectives and goals for every project to help deliver the best possible outcomes.
Future-proof solutions
We adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and constant technology advancements by using an agile approach, helping to ensure our client solutions remain relevant and future-proof.
Customer focus
Our ultimate goal is to see our clients succeed. We have an unrelenting focus on providing sound strategic advice, robust solutions that provide tangible business benefits, and exceptional service.

Accelerating digital transformation with the ServiceNow Protected Platform

The Australian Government wants to improve public service by expanding its capacity and capabilities, while also improving security.

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